Sign Permits

All signs are required to meet the regulations set forth in Article 8-Sign Regulations in the City of Cayce Zoning Ordinance. It is our responsibility to protect the dual interest of the public and the advertiser. The regulations are designed to protect public safety and welfare and to ensure the maintenance of an attractive physical environment while satisfying the needs of sign users for adequate identification, communication, and advertising.

Freestanding & Wall Signs

The following items must be submitted prior to the issuance of a Sign Permit:

  1. Copy of contract for the sign and installation
  2. A drawing of the sign showing all dimensions
  3. Plat showing the existing or proposed location of the sign with setbacks listed
  4. For wall signs, include wall dimensions in drawing

An Electrical Permit is required for all sign installations involving lighting or other electrical work. Any electrical work performed is required to be done by a South Carolina licensed electrician.

All sign construction must follow 2015 International Building Code requirements. Inspections for electrical, footings and masonry work must be inspected by our Building Official. To schedule an inspection, please contact Steve Martin, Building Official, at (803) 550-9502.

Temporary Signs

Any business wanting to display temporary signage on their property must complete a Temporary Sign Permit. The cost of a permit is $25 each time a permit is obtained. For information regarding the type, size, display period, and display interval for each type of sign, please refer to the Temporary Sign Ordinance, Section 8.6 of the City of Cayce Zoning Ordinance.

Moveable signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way under any circumstances, to include political signs.

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