Permitting Process

Obtaining Permits to Construct

The City of Cayce participates in the SCDHEC Delegated Review Program for water and sewer. In order to receive a SCDHEC Permit to Construct, the following items must be submitted to the City’s Engineer, Betsy Catchings:

  • One original and two copies of the latest SCDHEC construction permit application
  • City of Cayce WWTP Facility #SC0024147 and WTP Facility #SC3210003
  • Four sets of the signed and sealed construction plans. (Note, one preliminary initial set may be submitted and approved prior to submittal of four final sets.) Fifteen feet easements shall be shown on the plans for all water and sewer mains and services
  • Two sets of the design calculations
  • Two copies of a detailed 8.5” x 11” location map separate from the plans.
  • For sewer only, one original and one copy of the 208 Plan Certification from the Central Midlands COG
  • Fee of $75.00 for water and $75.00 for sewer ($150 if combined), A check shall be written for the applicable fee to “SCDHEC Bureau of Finance”
  • All capacity fees and other fees must also be paid to the “City of Cayce” prior to obtaining a Permit to Construct

Obtaining Permits to Operate

In order to receive a SCDHEC Permit to Operate, the following items must be submitted to the City’s Engineer:

  • Receive SCDHEC Permit to Construct.
  • Hold Pre-Construction Conference with the City.
  • Install new water/sewer system to City Standards
  • Coordinate all pressure tests with the City.
  • Two sets of Record Drawings and CD Copy of Record Drawings per City Standards
  • Record Drawings shall be submitted in State Plane Coordinates per City Spatial Standards
  • GPS coordinates of all major features shall be provided on the plans
  • Swing ties from all Valves, Hydrants, Bends, Meters, Manholes, Cleanouts, etc. shall be provided to property irons or major landmarks
  • Easements and/or Deeds for water/sewer systems (original signatures required)
  • Deed and Plat required for Sewer Pump Station
  • Net Worth Letter with separate value for water system, sewer system, and pump station including engineering cost for each system. Provide the total linear footage of water main and total linear footage of sewer main in the letter
  • One copy of DVD and report of post-TV sewer main inspection
  • Main lines shall be high-pressure cleaned prior to post-TV inspection
  • Bacteriological Sample Report (Coordinate Sampling with City Lab & Project Engineer)
  • Samples are good for 30 days only. The City will charge a fee for resampling
  • Schedule final inspection with City Project Engineer
  • City will write letter to SCDHEC once items above are complete

Specifications and Details

Standard Details (Water)
Standard Details (Sewer)

Industrial Pretreatment Program

The City of Cayce Industrial Pretreatment Program prevents the discharge of pollutants to our Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) which will interfere with the operation of the WWTP or its use and disposal of municipal biosolids. In addition, the Pretreatment Program prevents the introduction of pollutants to the WWTP that may pass through into rivers, lakes and streams causing toxicity or other impacts.

All businesses desiring to discharge into the City of Cayce sewer system must complete a Wastewater Discharge Application (pdf download). For more information, please contact:

Neal Klimek
Superintendent of Pretreatment
[email protected]

Cross Connection

The City of Cayce is charged with the responsibility of protecting the water quality by identifying and eliminating all cross connections that could potentially contaminate the water distribution system. All water service connections that present a potential hazard are required to have a backflow prevention assembly that meets our specifications. The City of Cayce must maintain accurate records pertaining to the location of existing and new backflow prevention assemblies, type and size of each assembly and annual testing results (see backflow test report pdf download). You may obtain a list of certified backflow testers from the SCDHEC website. Please contact Nan Bell, Utilities Coordinator, if you need more information.

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