Small Business Week Spotlight: Cayce Farmers Market

For Small Business Week, we are excited to spotlight a local gem in the community: Cayce Farmers Market. This family-owned business has a rich history that dates back to the 1960s when owner Jacky Creech started selling local produce out of a truck. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to quality, they have grown into a must-visit destination in Cayce.

Today, the Cayce Farmers Market is a sprawling 150-foot-long establishment that is ranked in the top 5 for Lexington's best in three different categories: local produce stand, produce, and health food in 2024. It's a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing the finest products to their customers.

Cayce Farmers Market

When you step inside the market, you're greeted with the vibrant colors and enticing aromas of fresh produce. From crisp apples to juicy berries, from earthy beets to plump tomatoes, and beyond, they offer an extensive selection to satisfy all taste buds. In addition to their produce, they also have a garden center that bursts with life, especially during the fall when it's filled with mums and pumpkins.

The Cayce Farmers Market not only supports its own business, but it also supports the wider community by allowing local vendors to sell their goods. Whether it's local honey, artisanal products, or other small businesses looking to showcase their items, this market is a hub for entrepreneurs and a celebration of the local economy.

But it's not just the products that keep customers coming back – it's the personal touch and warm atmosphere that make the experience truly special. The Creech family and their dedicated staff are known for their exceptional customer service and genuine care for each person who walks through their doors. Whether you're a longtime customer or a first-time visitor, you'll always be greeted with a friendly smile and helpful advice.

Here's what some of their customers had to say:

"This whole family is part of our local community. Great product, lots of local produce in season. Not to mention an array of plants and flowers in the spring. A true asset to the City of Cayce."

"I've been going here for years. I grew up going with my grandparents, and now I've continued the tradition with my son. They are great people and always so nice! I love it!"

"We went tonight for the first time! Justin, George, and Arthur were so helpful! They even convinced us not to buy a plant because it was going to take over the space in the pot. We cooked and ate some of the produce for dinner tonight. Everything was extremely fresh, especially the strawberries! (Justin, please tell the farm they need to bring them every week - SO YUMMY!) The little things go a long way. They definitely earned new customers! Thank you!"

The Cayce Farmers Market is not just a small business; it's a beloved institution that brings the community together. It's a place where you can find the freshest produce, support local entrepreneurs, and be part of a warm and welcoming environment.

So, whether you're a resident of Cayce or just passing through, be sure to visit the Cayce Farmers Market. You won't be disappointed by the delicious offerings and the sense of community that permeates this special place.



This article was originally published on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

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